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Solene Lehmann

Solene was born and raised in France, near the city of Nantes. Her passion for foreign languages started at a very young age when she started learning English during primary school. She then chose to study German in secondary school, and Spanish as an additional language in high school. Later, work experiences abroad led her to learn Portuguese as well as some Arabic, and now she is tackling the Finnish language!

After a BA in German language and literature and a few work experiences, language teaching appeared as an obvious direction, where she found both joyful challenges and fulfilment. After a few years, she went back to studying to complete a Master’s degree in Language Didactics at Le Mans University, with a particular focus on plurilingualism and how language awareness and previous knowledge of other languages (including one’s own) can be used in the learning of a new language.

Solene has taught all age groups, from kids as young as 4 years old to adults, enjoying the different teaching situations and challenges that every group offers. Her motivation comes from designing a learning sequence, putting it in place and seeing the learners improve!

Her hobbies include reading (she is part of a French book club in Helsinki), ice-skating, yoga, ice swimming, and enjoying nature.

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