Garden allotments


IMG_1917The Toimela garden allotments in Munkkiniemi, on ground rented from the City of Helsinki, have been under continuous cultivation since 1936.

This 2.7 hectare (almost 7 acres) ground has been under the careful management of Toimela folk. Its very existence becomes more and more important every year, as the tidiness of the place, the beauty of the plants, and the well maintained old buildings provide a pleasing contrast to the surrounding urban environment.

Responsibility for the planning, practice and correct functioning of the allotments rests with the Toimela Allotments Association. About 150 families are allotment holders, each with a plot of 100-200 square metres (120-240 square yards) in their care. Helsinki residents may apply to be allocated a plot. About 10-20 plots become free every year. Application form is available here.


Chairman of the Allotments Association: Riikka Ritola-Päivärintala, tel. 050 539 7829
Southern Helsinki Adult Education Centre, office, Iso Roobertinkatu 20-22, 00120 Helsinki, tel 09 622 9580.